About BIM platform

The international BIM Platform team is a group composed of certified specialists with practical experience using various tools operating in accordance with BIM technology. Our experience has allowed us to develop our own methodology for implementing BIM technology. We are guided by solutions that we consider the most transparent and integrated. We are members of one of the most reputable associations introducing BIM technology in Poland: “BIM Association for Polish Construction”.

For the precast industry, we offer PRECAST SOFTWARE ENGINEERING solutions that support the entire investment implementation process, including automated prefabrication design options, data processing for production purposes, and various logistical possibilities for the transport and placement of components on a construction site.

We are the only sales partner of PRECAST SOFTWARE ENGINEERING in Poland. When beginning to work with BIM platform, you buy software directly from the producer and the contract will be directly between with the producer and Client, no dealers or distributors. On the other hand, BIM platform consults clients regarding the possibilities of programs and supports clients substantially, especially during the implementation of programs, for maximum efficiency when using the tools offered by the company-producer.

  • Integrated solutions operating in accordance with BIM technology.
  • Various consulting services for implementing BIM solutions.
  • Ability to implement the software directly in the client’s office or remotely.
  • BIM Design and application automation training through the use of appropriate tools.
  • Training at various levels: from basic to advanced.
  • Open (available for free for everyone) and closed (only for BIM platform clients) workshops and training
  • Possibility of participating in webinars conducted by our specialists and partners in Polish and English.
  • Certified workshops addressed to students.
  • Free technical support and priority support with the “Service plus” contract.