BIM Booster


BIM Booster increases the level of detail of the element as well as the entire model. Thanks to the BIM Booster module, user can synchronize changes in element with the same or similar elements.

All precast structural elements, native to PLANBAR, can be edited: user can change the geometry, add recess, make changes related to the reinforcement, place fixtures (hooks, etc.). BIM Booster allows for synchronization of these changes completely or partially.


  • Speed up your work with large projects.
  • BIM Booster detects identical elements and allows to elaborate them in detail.
  • Elements can be assigned to different layers (drawing files), allowing to elaborate specific types of objects by individual participants in the design process.
  • Synchronize all identical elements with a few clicks, selecting or filtering what user want to synchronize.
  • Save time on repeatable operations up to 50% (based on customer results).

The project contains a large amount of precast elements? – Divide them into separate layers by element type.

BIM Booster module allows for automatic placement of elements on proper layers in building structure.

Elaborate element separately: user can make changes in geometry, fixtures, reinforcement, etc.

synchronise changes according to own concept