IPE module allows to create precast elements or convert architectural elements, 3D solids or PythonParts into precast elements, native to PLANBAR. Then, these elements can be defined and identified in various ways and the documentation template can be applied for them. In this way, user can easily and comfortably get shop drawings, reports and other data directly from the model.

The main advantage when designing precast structures is automatic generation of all views from the model, including formwork and reinforcement. At the beginning, all rules and locations of all documentation components should be set, then the elements will be automatically generated after entering them into the model.


IDENTIFIER – identify elements according to own concept

  • User create or convert every element (3D solid, architectural element, PythonParts) into precast structural elements, native to PLANBAR
  • PythonParts functionality will be available even after conversion
  • User define own labels and descriptions
  • Assign the right orientation for elements

ELEMENTPLAN – automatic generation of drawings and reports

  • Elaborate Shop Drawings in any way
  • Immediately obtain drawings and data (eg. in the following formats: *.pdf, *.dxf, *.dwg, *.hpgl, *.abs (BVBS)) – the option “Elementplan” or modification in a window in 2D mode or directly in the 3D model, in a way which is more convenient
  • Change the drawings representation at any time
  • Add automatic dimension lines according to own vision

iTRIGGER – user decides what each drawing contain

  • User set own rules to the content and appearance of every element in the drawing