MEP Assistant


MEP Assistant simplifies synchronize model consisting of prefabricated elements with MEP model (water and sewage, ventilation, electrical and mechanical). The MEP elements can be immediately added to the precast structure.


  • Increased quality and efficiency due to automatic detection of IFC / DWG objects and collision display
  • Saves up to 75% of time (based on customer results) thanks to the direct conversion of IFC / DWG data to Planbar objects
  • Custom IFC objects can be easily transformed into native elements, specific for the PLANBAR environment
  • Filter and group IFC objects and combine them with Planbar objects
  • Improved workflow of quick conversion of IFC objects into native PLANBAR objects

So far I have had very good experiences with the MEP-Assistant, as I am saving a lot of time in large (BIM) projects. Before the introduction of the MEP-Assistant, an average precast slab area of 1,000 m² took over 2 hours, when more than 1 type of fixture per m² was present in the slabs. Now thanks to the MEP-Assistant, I have been able to reduce that to 20 – 30 minutes. On top of that, the MEP-Assistant assures an automatic collision control and correct fixture placement in the floor.

Ronald Buitenhuis, BIM designer, DeHoopPekso