TIM is a platform for 3D planning, which automates processes related to production, logistics, assembly, as well as generating graphical reports tailored to user needs. Because it is 3D model based, the management process is efficient and intuitive.



Integration between CAD, ERP, CAM systems, and module-extensions of TIM allow for the production, transport, and assembly processes to be highly efficient. Thanks to the 3D design model, necessary information about each element can be accessed with one click. The TIM program enables you to visualize and monitor the entire production process.

Exchange vis ERP system takes place through:
  • KST, ADS, ADS-XML, PXML, IFC data formats
  • Controlled data transfer process enabling export of files and / or content in various formats to the ERP system (eg material demand forecast, transfer to production, invoicing)

Generation of production data can be done through interfaces:

  • IFC4 precast
  • PXML or Unitechnik CAD-CAM containing drawings of elements
  • Individually configured according to target systems
  • With any (selected) content, file name and output directory
  • For ERP system or directly for production


The TIM software allows you to visualize the production process and control the current status of every element, easily informing you about the work preparation, production, sales, and updates on the progress of the construction project.

The system for status management offers the option of precise mapping of a personalized work process for precast elements.


Assembler module allows you to thoroughly view the 3D building model and retrieve information, after selecting a project or its components in the project building structure, about every precast element, installation parts, reinforcement, or to obtain documentation regarding these elements.

It is possible to assign deadlines for each element and automatically generate a production schedule.

Integrated communication functions allow for the exchange of information regarding these elements. Data can be presented in a manner tailored to the requirements of the investor and other participants of the design process.

The system for state management offers tools for the precise simulation of a personalized work process for precast elements.


Production Manager module optimizes the planning and placement of precast elements on production lines and pallets. In addition, the Production Manager module allows for configuration of production lines.

Data, plans, and lists can be prepared for production that can then be represented in the form of reports. Regardless of whether it is a UNI, PXML, ADS (BVBS) or IFC interface, TIM generates these reports according to user’s individual requirements.

The process can be automated or integrated with complex work processes.

Moreover, it is possible to generate labels, which can be synchronized with the appropriate mTIM application for mobile devices.


Delivery Manager module offers tools for arranging elements in 3D. It is possible to optimize transport to the assembly location, based on information from the 3D model or from the relevant list.